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We Can End Age-Related Disease…

The social and economic burdens of age-related disease are rising steeply. For an increasing number of older individuals, healthcare is too often reduced to crisis management in the emergency room, painfully harsh treatments for diseases such as cancer, or best efforts at palliative care.

It Doesn’t Have to be This Way.

Introducing Project|21

Project|21 is a new initiative created by SENS Research Foundation to end age-related disease through human clinical trials, starting in 2021, through investment in rejuvenation biotechnology.

We have all the pieces in place–core research groups, key players, shared knowledge, and underlying tools—for the creation of this industry.

Through three new programs, the Bridge fund, The Center of Excellence, and The Alliance Program, Project|21 will deliver the perfect environment for this fusion of opportunity and investment.

With proper stewardship of this emerging industry, we can create an environment where the first damage repair interventions to address specific age-related disease will be brought to human clinical trials within five years.

$50 million in total funding is required for Project|21, at least half of which will come from the members of SENS Research Foundation’s Group|21. Group|21 will bring together 21 philanthropists, each donating between $500,000 and $5 million. Grants, grassroots efforts, and matching-fund strategies will provide the remaining support.

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Donations to Date

  • $50 Million Goal 10%
The Thiel Foundation has supported SENS Research Foundation for the last seven years because SENS Research Foundation is the one organization that is truly focused on curing the diseases of aging.

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At SENS Research Foundation, we believe philanthropic giving should open a dialogue between donor and recipient—a relationship that goes beyond a financial transaction.

Through engagement philanthropy we seek to develop individual, tailored relationships with Group|21 and other supporters, providing them with the opportunity to integrate fully into our network, not just with regular e-mail updates, but with regional meetings, project reviews, and investment analyses.

Project|21 has been carefully designed to pair engagement philanthropy with the strongest elements of venture philanthropy: flexible funding models, programs designed to evolve into self-supporting efforts, and solid investment in core facilities. This hybrid model is woven into the structure of the Project|21 programs.

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2016 and Beyond:

A Three-Part Plan For Human Clinical Trials

Bridge|21, a Philanthropic Investment Program to close the gap between research and development capital

The market for investment in biotech is broken, pushing investment away from intervention-based technology. The added challenges in development and regulatory pathways for rejuvenation biotechnology multiply that problem, and thus early funding for the translation of rejuvenation therapies is in many cases non-existent. SRF needs to help jump-start that market. Bridge|21 will fund up to ten projects per year, targeting promising early-stage projects that need discrete investment in order to create technology transfer opportunities which can then be presented to an alliance of life science investment groups.

With Bridge|21, we hope to accelerate the translation of the first rejuvenation technologies to private markets, assist in launching the rejuvenation biotechnology industry, and create a continuous and self-sustaining funding stream for our work.

Center Of Excellence: Better Opportunities For Collaborative Development

Housed at a major institution in regenerative medicine and aging research, a new Center of Excellence in Rejuvenation Biotechnology would afford better opportunities for collaborative development of our next-generation research programs.

The Center will enable new, highly-collaborative projects to further our research goals, break down barriers to the adoption of rejuvenation research strategies, and help create a pipeline of translational opportunities. The Center of Excellence will require $10 million over five years for its creation.

The Alliance Program: Providing Pathways For The Regenerative Medicine Community to Develop Rejuvenation Biotechnologies

The Alliance Program has already been instrumental in creating the CASMI Translational Stem Cell Consortium (CTSCC), an organization that has successfully assembled collaborative efforts between academia and industry for the common good of stem cell therapeutic development. Using the CTSCC model, and guided by its founding director, the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Alliance Program will address challenges in regulation, manufacturing, and investment.

Support for The Alliance Program requires an investment of $5 Million over five years.

About Us

Since its founding, SENS Research Foundation has achieved a number of firsts. It is the first organization to build a research program around a clear framework for the underlying causes of aging, the first to fund collaborative research based on this framework, the first to attract multi-million-dollar annual funding for rejuvenation technologies from philanthropic supporters, and the first to establish a global network of rejuvenation biotechnology experts from the members of the Foundation’s world-class Research Advisory Board.

SENS Research Foundation support the first true generation of rejuvenation biotechnology professionals, through the research opportunities afforded to students under our Education Program. Our Awareness Program reaches a wide audience of individuals and institutions through talks and conferences, backed by press, broadcast and social media.

The success of this work has driven early-stage discoveries, the emergence of new pioneers in rejuvenation biotechnology, and widespread support for our approach. We have created intellectual property, fostered biotechnology companies, and built the network of professionals with knowledge and experience in rejuvenation biotechnology. Together, these accomplishments have laid the groundwork for the rapid growth of the next generation of biotechnology.

The SENS Research Foundation directs internal research from its facility in Mountain View, CA and funds programs at a diverse range of top-tier institutions.

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SENS Research Foundation has always looked to a wide community for support for its vision of a world free from the diseases of aging.

Today we look to you to join us in Project|21, as donors and partners. Join Group|21 or contribute to our strategic planning, board recruitment, capital programs, network growth, and expanding industry networks.

Help us cure age-related disease.

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